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Discovery Set


This is a wonderful way to experience and/or share the whole L'Aromatica Perfume collection*. You will receive the entire L'Aromatica Perfume line, 18 perfumes, in 1ml sample vials. Comes in a silver box with a printout of the perfume descriptions. Includes the following:

1. Big Sur
2. Bourbon
3. Brocade
4. Chanteuse
5. Daphne
6. Dapper
7. Desert Man
8. Hello Delicious
9. Kauai Pikake
10. Kulfi
11. Nick
12. Nine Dragons
13. Pacifica
14. Rambling Man
15. Seafaring Man
16. Shanti
17. Stargazer Lily
18. Yellow Rose

*Please note: Animus is a concept perfume and is not part of our regular line. Our seasonal Limited Edition perfumes are also not part of our regular line.

Please read our store policies before ordering. No returns.